Our campaign supports democratising our energy, bringing ownership and profit back into communities whilst reducing climate change. Shown at the UK Green Film Festival at Chapter Cardiff in 2016, our film was the only Welsh entry.

Sustainable Wales believes local schemes are an answer to climate change**(see projections below) and the chronic fuel poverty now encountered in Wales. (Latest figures from the Welsh government indicate 30% of the Welsh population experiences fuel poverty - defined as spending over 10% of income on fuel).

The films broadcast and share our energy message and encourage the public and politicians to learn more. Funded by the Big Lottery 'Awards for All' programme and supported also by Renew Wales. Filmed and edited by park6productions. (who support the charity with reduced costs)

They llustrate the difficulties of community energy development in the UK compared to for example, Germany. These vibrant films also support the Community Energy Wales network.

The UK energy system is in flux. It is changing more quickly – and more fundamentally – than at any point since the Industrial Revolution.

Since 2008, European utilities have lost over €100 billion in value. New players and new business models have started to gain traction, and technological change – not only from within the energy sector, but from outside too – promises a future much different from today. 

A public meeting held in April 2017 covered the renewable energy issues discussed in Shine a Light? You can listen to the discussion and Q&A on our podcast . You can watch the trailer here or see the full films.

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‘Shine a Light?’ - local heroes films

Launched at the Centre For Alternative Energy in Machynlleth a series of short community-based films aiming to highlight the challenges groups face in Wales to develop a local renewable energy supply. Here's a short promo, or watch the full set of films; to support the project, watch and share these films...

Seen the trailer? You can watch the full films using the link below:

Aims of the campaign

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**Welsh Local Government Association climate change projections suggest that if we don’t plan ahead extreme weather events will become more prevalent. The conditions outlined below are likely:

  • essential infrastructure (transport, IT energy, waste) may be compromised;

  • water and food supply may be disrupted;

  • risks to communities increase, especially among the elderly and other vulnerable groups;

  • economic productivity may be reduced due to flooding, high temperatures and transport impacts;

  • agriculture may suffer due to loss of soils, lack of water;

  • ecosystems services (flood retention, food production) may be degraded.

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